World Full of Wellness 


Brand Development, Logo, Social Media Campaign, Copywriting, Graphics Designer & Content Strategist

Overview: As a Wellness Advocate and Gut Health Expert, I have world-class consumer lifestyle brand marketing experience through my multiyear affiliation with DoTERRA International. I have been raising brand awareness in this realm through educational classes, focused social media outreach, email marketing, live virtual events and webinars. An unforeseen consequence of the global pandemic is the ability to experience human connection through digital platforms at a time when people feel most isolated. I recently created the brand @worldfullofwellness, aligning with my passion for meditative healing and living a healthy lifestyle. I have been serving our digital community by creating content through the written word exhorting others to do the same. I attend weekly zoom meetings to keep abreast of team and business strategies in order to grow the brand by sharing fresh perspectives of personally designed content on multi-channel marketing platforms. I stay consistent with analyzing all content marketing, using various metrics to help pinpoint the best-performing and poor-performing content with the end goal of attaining steady growth of traffic, engagement, SEO performance and conversion of potential DoTERRA clients. As a result, I have increased personal sales profits by 31%.