We all experience hardship at some point in our lives. How we present ourselves in the face of this adversity is our choice. Do we share our truths if it means helping others, or do we ignore our gut instincts and shy away from the challenge at hand? That’s when I wrote my Amazon Best-Selling Memoir, Not My Buddy, and also created a global social media platform called Giardia Survivors & Sufferers, so no one has to suffer in solitude from chronic conditions that originate from an acquired disease or an unbalanced gastrointestinal system.

My personal journey transformed further during my period of convalescence—and manifested most profoundly in my soul. I dove into the mind/body connection through the use of self-care practices, Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils, plant-based supplements and other alternative healing modalities. I learned the power of meditation, as well as the importance of going inward and keeping my gut clean if I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle.

By aligning my passions with my career as a Gut Health Expert and Wellness Advocate, I created my online social media platform World Full of Wellness. Nothing soothes my soul more than using my creativity to help others heal.

I am a creator. A writer. A conceptual thinker. An empathetic listener. A compelling storyteller using creative content and the written word to engage, empower and inspire others to advocate for themselves so they too can live a life that sets their soul on fire!

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I passively allowed my life to follow the direction I always thought it should: college, marriage, motherhood, and a healthy social life. It wasn’t until my late 30’s as I was recovering from a chronic illness that I uncovered my true gift—I was born to inspire others.

My personal transformation began when a microscopic parasite known as Giardia brought me to my knees. It was the greatest opportunity to change a lot of things about myself that contributed to my ‘dis-ease,’ and how I evolved into the woman I am today.