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As the trailblazing founder & Gut Health Expert of this global social media community and advocacy group for Chronic Giardiasis Survivors & Sufferers, I presumed the leadership role, working closely with world-reknowned medical leaders for the United Nations Health Services and the Director of the Foundation for Integrative & Functional Medicine in New York City as a way to provide valuable scientific and educational content, as well as inspirational and relatable copy to this community. Creating the marketing strategy and social media campaign was unique and a bit tricky in that two-thirds of the population are undiagnosed. The most efficient and effective way to simultaneously reach this audience and raise awareness of this condition, was to broadcast the main and underlying symptoms. Each social media post and sponsored advertisement was specifically designed to target a desired demographic. The digital platforms included: Twitter and Facebook. Today, the community is approaching 1000 members, including people from all over the world.

My recovery from Chronic Giardiasis encompassed the mind/body connection through the use of self-care practices. I understood firsthand the importance of effectively diffusing stress with words that create empathetic connections on digital platforms for those with similar interests and concerns.

“Tracey Berkowitz guides us through her nightmare with humor and grace. She shares her frustrations and her persistence with you. Her drive to restore her life to normal helped her transform her life and gave her a new mission, helping others with Chronic Giardiasis find ways to restore their own health.”

Dr Leo Galland is internationally recognized as a medical innovator and pioneer. He is the Director of the Foundation for Integrated Medicine in New York City. Tweet

“Tracey is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her leadership in developing a social media global community of Chronic Giardiasis Survivors & Sufferers has benefited thousands. She is a relationship builder who combines the wordsmith literary skills of a best selling author with the marketing chops of a revenue driver par excellence. She is incredible as a thought leader in the health and wellness space. Her expertise is manifold and she demonstrates a high level of competence across multiple platforms: communications, marketing, strategic planning and organizational theory. Most of all she is a people person, a great listener, a phenomenal writer, and a pleasure to work with. I give her my highest recommendation without reservation.”

Dr. Eric Schnipper, Board of Directors at Association for Quality Imaging and Radiologist at RadNet Tweet