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Writing a blog post is somewhat of an art form and I use it as a great marketing tool that is directed towards my targeted audience. I showcase my expertise on subject matter that will connect with readers in order to entice greater engagement and generate more traffic. I use eye-catching headlines that grab readers’ attention from the start. My writing style is variable based on the scenario and is adapted based on topic, audience and choice of digital platform. The tone of voice can be lighthearted and humorous to insightful and thought provoking. The aim is to leave readers inspired and motivated to take action. Writing copy that is directed towards a delicate audience in the right tone of voice guides purpose-driven people in search of creating meaningful impact in their lives, their health and overall well-being.

Strong Women Lift Each Other Up

Hardships happen—that’s a guarantee. How we handle our circumstances varies. Some choose to be distracted while others want time alone. Before Buddy, my automatic response was to isolate and numb myself—anything to avoid my feelings. Thanks to my free spirited, loving Golden Retriever, those days are over and I’m not sleepwalking through life anymore.

I learned how important it is to be vulnerable, authentic and to love wholeheartedly with those around me, regardless of the outcome. I finally let go and let myself just flow. Those who aligned with my truth became my inner circle and those who didn’t, slowly backed away. By sharing my strengths and weaknesses, I’ve been gifted with a tribe of resilient and very supportive women. We hold a sacred space for each other’s highs and lows. We ask for what we need and even when we don’t, we still show up.

My home isn’t the same without Buddy’s presence. He gave us 10 years of unconditional love, laughs and lots of high fives just to hear us call his name. We still look for him in his favorite spots and are quickly reminded of our new reality. We’d give anything to hear the jingle of his collar. The silence can be overwhelming….It’s then that the doorbell rings, the phone calls and texts start and for a short period of time, the heartache lessens and silence ends. THANK GOD my TRIBE keeps showing up!

When Will They Forget Us?

The more I meditate and seek answers from within, the more at ease and centered I am, especially about my current circumstances. Every hardship I’ve experienced has taught me the importance of nurturing this body/mind/soul connection because there’s no greater feeling than being in alignment when struggling with real life problems! I must be relentless about my self-care rituals so I can silence my fears and be present for those who need me, like my parents.


My dad has Dementia and unfortunately, his illness has progressed awfully fast. Visiting my parents has drastically changed. After 53 years, he no longer lives at home with my mom. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe what it’s like watching ‘your father—your person—your idol’ slowly disappear from this world. I’m living my worst nightmare. I never know what to expect when I see him. Will I get to hear him say my name? Will I be blessed with a lucid moment and connect with him? Or will this be the dreaded day when he’s forgotten me completely?


I’ve learned that I can’t change this situation, nor control it but I can do whatever it takes to silence my fears and just BE with my dad in whatever shape he’s in and then, get to spend quality time with my mom. So yeah, I not only NEED but CRAVE my yoga classes, meditation, essential oils, time for writing and self-reflection, and the incredible support from my tribe of women! It’s the only way for me to just BE! Although…I do wonder if there’s such a thing as over-meditating? Hmm, either way, I’m not quitting this new obsession anytime soon!