Is Your Face Mask Making You Parched?

Wearing a face mask is not an enjoyable experience but we do it to stay healthy and to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus. But there are side effects and dehydration is at the top of that list! I find drinking water has become a chore since wearing a mask. When I’m in public places, I don’t grab for my bottle of water as much as I used to since my mouth is covered. I also notice when climbing stairs, I am more prone to breathe through my mouth as a way to increase inhalation capacity, which makes my dry mouth worse. If face masks are our new normal then caring for my health can’t just be a luxury. It needs to be a priority. So when I’m feeling parched and plain water just isn’t quenching my thirst, it’s time for me to get creative.

There is a healthy way to flavor your water WITHOUT the added sugars! Try using citrus essential oils instead. They’re refreshing and a delicious way to provide your body with antioxidants and extra support it craves. Since our tastebuds are all different, be the guinea pig of your own informal experiment. Don’t let the idea of something new intimidate you. Start off slow. Instead of squeezing the juice of an organic lemon into your water every morning, simply add a drop of Lemon essential oil in a 10 oz glass of water. The oils from the lemon peel aid in cleansing and detoxifying your body. When looking for an afternoon boost of energy, add a drop of Wild Orange oil in your water. Want a little extra support with respiratory function or digestion? Pop a drop of Peppermint oil or go for the Grapefruit oil when you want to balance your blood sugar level and promote a healthy metabolism. As you go about your day and you become more adventurous, then you can mix and match the citrus oils that feel right for you. Just pause and listen to what your body needs. Your intuition will always guide you in the right direction.

It’s important to remember that essential oils are very potent so you need to educate yourself. The Aromatherapy business is booming and there are many brands on the market. When deciding on a brand, make sure you use CPTG ~ Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils. The oils need to be 100% pure. Check the labels. The bottles will have a supplement facts box. Choose oils that don’t have any added ingredients or synthetic oils. In fact, the label will provide details about the oils source, indicating the plant’s botanical or Latin name (i.e., Peppermint oil would also list Mentha piperita on the label) and it will include the part of the plant used to make it. In the case of citrus oils, the peel would be listed. That’s it! Oh and always remember, stay clear of anything that mentions “fragrance oils” in the ingredients. Caring about our health and overall well-being starts the moment we choose to educate ourselves.

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