How Do you Clear Your Mechanism?

The sound of a packed filled stadium is powerful. Having fifty thousand spectators, shouting at you can be quite a distraction. Being an athlete and having to stay focused under those circumstances seems almost impossible. Coaches teach athletes how to shut it out, clear their mental baggage and get in a zone in order to perform on top of their game. We don’t need to empathize with athletes to understand the need to ‘clear the mechanism.’

We all have a thousand distractions that pull us out of our present moments. Whether we’re pitching in the championship game like the fictional character, Billy Chapel or presenting in a boardroom full of top executives, our concentration is pivotal. But when our minds act up and our morning meditation practice is long gone, how can we stay balanced? Breathe—into that first sensation. In the stillness we become aware. We listen and receive the information. We might not want to hear it but any information is an opportunity. A chance to release blocked energy.

So practice getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. Learn your body’s sensations and discover what’s underneath. Feel your racing heartbeat. Let your heart lead you… You’ve come this far, you get to decide how much further you want to go. Do not underestimate the power of your breath! Give yourself permission to CLEAR YOUR MECHANISM.

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