I used to be a long distance runner but I’m not anymore. I ignored the signs and pushed my body for years. I had to face the facts—this type of exercise wasn’t good for my overall health, regardless of my love for the adrenaline rush. I learned the hard way what works, or in my case, what DOES NOT work for my body. I gave up the distance in order to treat my body with self-love and respect. As a recovering perfectionist, I discovered what it means to do things in moderation.

I used to be an emotional runner but I’m not anymore. The further I distanced myself from my issues the better, or so I thought. I fabricated the greatest stories and even convinced myself that my (re)actions were justified, which by the way—were always off base! Perception is a tricky thing—it’s one point of view, based on past experiences and limiting beliefs—that’s a recipe for disaster! Emotional running is just as taxing on the head and heart as physical running is on the body.

I witnessed firsthand that the choices I made had a huge impact on my state of mind, body and spirit. By burying my emotions, I discovered the true meaning of DIS~EASE. It’s easy to go on autopilot and make bad choices based on old behaviors. It was then that I chose to change the patterns. Now, I stay and deal with the hard stuff. Not all outcomes end the way I want but nevertheless, I deal with them. I sit. I get quiet. I breathe. I surrender and I wait—for answers. Answers that only appear when I’m ready to witness them. I make my self-care practice a priority and every day, begin again!

Today, moderation means I still get to experience the enjoyment of a short outdoor run a few times a week in between my yoga classes. By going inward, I recognize when an old habit rears it’s ugly head and shut that s**t down before it impacts other people. It’s called being present. Here’s a #truthbomb for you: Our SHIT doesn’t go away until we face our demons, deal with our stories and really, truly FEEL it—all. Thanks for the reminder @drwillcole

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