Strong Women Lift Each Other Up

Hardships happen—that’s a guarantee. How we handle our circumstances varies. Some choose to be distracted while others want alone time. Before Buddy, my automatic response was to isolate and numb myself—anything to avoid my feelings. Thanks to my free spirited, loving Golden Retriever, those days are over and I’m not sleepwalking through life anymore. I learned how important it is to be vulnerable, authentic and to love wholeheartedly with those around me, regardless of the outcome. I finally let go and let myself just flow. Those who aligned with my truth became my inner circle and those who didn’t, slowly backed away.

By sharing my strengths and weaknesses, I’ve been gifted with a tribe of resilient and very supportive women. We hold a sacred space for each other’s highs and lows. We ask for what we need and even when we don’t, we still show up. My home isn’t the same without Buddy’s presence. He gave us 10 years of unconditional love, laughs and lots of high fives just to hear us call his name. We still look for him in his favorite spots and are quickly reminded of our new reality. We’d give anything to hear the jingle of his collar. The silence can be overwhelming….It’s then that the doorbell rings, the phone calls and texts start and for a short period of time, the heartache lessens and silence ends. THANK GOD my TRIBE keeps showing up!

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